Security Measures

Personal and sensitive information is protected by security safeguards matching the sensitivity of the information. Safeguards against loss, theft, unauthorized access, copying, use or modification is addressed, including physical security measures (locks, restricted access areas, etc.), organizational measures (security clearances, authorization processes, etc.) and technological measures (passwords, encryption, multifactor authentication, etc.). The nature of the safeguards matches the level of information sensitivity.

Please make sure you keep your Username and Password confidential and log off from the online banking platform when your session is complete to prevent unauthorized access to your information. If you believe that your Username or Password were subject to unauthorized access, you should immediately call Bank Audi Help Desk and/or your branch manager.

Please avoid using regular email (hotmail, Gmail, yahoo, etc.) to share personal or confidential information with the Bank. Regular email messages sent online may be intercepted or altered since they travel in clear text.